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Crean en Hollywood equipo especial sobre acoso

La industria se ha visto ensombrecida por este tipo de crimen. Foto: Instagram

La industria se ha visto ensombrecida por este tipo de crimen. Foto: Instagram

10 de Noviembre 2017

La fiscal de Los ángeles creó un grupo específicamente dedicado a la investigación de este tipo de delitos

Tras las incesantes noticias sobre abuso y acoso sexual que se han destapado a raíz del caso Harvey Weinstein, la fiscal del condado de Los Ángeles, Jackie Lacey anunció que se creará un equipo especial para investigar y evaluar cada uno de los casos que han salido.

The Weinstein Co. is trying to secure a financial lifeline that will allow the indie film and television studio to avert bankruptcy. The company still believes that it can find a buyer for its library of award-winning movies and programming without having to file for Chapter 11, but even with a cash infusion, its financial picture is bleak. A series of sexual harassment and assault allegations involving co-founder Harvey Weinstein have triggered the studio’s current crisis, but knowledgeable insiders say that the company faces staggering debt levels that could complicate a sale. They estimate that the Weinstein Co. has a debt load of roughly $520 million. The breakdown of financial obligations demonstrates that the company is heavily leveraged and has extensively used its film library as collateral to secure loans that have allowed it to operate. In terms of a breakdown, the Weinstein Co. maintains two credit facilities, one for $200 million that’s secured by a library of films that includes such Oscar-winning titles as “The King’s Speech” and “The Artist.” Another is secured by its television library, which includes the “Project Runway” franchise. That facility is for $20 million. There’s also a series of loans for various films in production that amount to roughly $90 million, as well as production loans related to TV shows that total approximately $60 million. The company has about $50 million in corporate debt, as well as approximately $100 million it owes to talent in profit participation and residuals from the films and shows it has made over the years. #harveyweinstein #news #movieknowing

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El grupo estará formado por fiscales con experiencia en crímenes sexuales que trabajarán en conjunto para garantizar una buena revisión legal y la persecución del delito.

La acusaciones han puesto en la mira a reconocidos actores de Hollywood como Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Louis C.K. y Ed Westwick, y Brett Ratner y James Toback.


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