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Las mejores fotos en Instagram de Elizabeth Zaks


Seguidores la halagan por su escultural figura

Elizabeth Zaks es una instagrammer que comparte en redes sociales su escultural figura y entrenamiento para conseguirlo, lo que la han convertido en la última sensación fitness.

Su cuerpo y cara la hacen una de las más cotizadas de Instagram, quien cuenta con más 400 mil seguidores quienes halagan sus fotografías en bikini o ropa ajustada.

Checa aquí las mejores fotos de Zaks

145lbs. heaviest I’ve ever been. it’s definitely a new feeling switching from “S” sizes to “M”. I’m healthy, I’m loving my body in this stage and at every future stage to come. Abs or no abs, cellulite or no cellulite, all bodies are worthy. Recently I’ve been SUCH a hypocrite when it came to this. I wanted to wait to post any YouTube videos, or any bikini pics until I had abs and leaned down a bit. Why? Because abs are more “appealing”. Being lean is “goals”. I came to my senses and I refuse to be a part of this vicious cycle in my head anymore. Constantly hearing you need to lose weight does everything BUT motivate you. Nothing wrong with leaning down, but when it’s for something as dumb as engagement or “acceptance” there is. Lol ok das it. 🤷‍♀️😇❤️ #EmbracingZeThickness (I’m 5’5/ 5’6 I’m not too sure)

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*does cardio once* *checks to see if abs appeared yet*

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hey Malibu ☀️ @boutinela

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hey guys, it’s been a week since I’ve posted- (not that anyone truly cares bc there’s new people to care about and follow every other second and I really doubt you miss my UBBBBEERRR quality “content”) but I wanted to touch on something really quick. it’s so funny to see people correlate how happy you are based on solely how frequently you post on Instagram or whatever social media platform. “r u ok??” “u been MIA on SM omg lmao wth lmk wyd wya BLAHBLAHBLAH” ill try to keep this short to save myself and you some time but i think where im trying to go with this is that not everything is what it seems on ze internet~ simple concept but often forgotten. trust me, everyone (myself included) has made it clear we *look* differently in pics vs real life bc it’s all posed. but there’s more to life than looks right?? there must be feelings/ a life behind all those boutinela booty pics and faked candid pics I asked my best friend to take of me… righhhht??? right 🙂 3 months ago i made it a point to put out annny pics, good quality, bad quality, relevant or irrelevant, just to show u all “hey guys im busy!! im HAPPY!! look!!”. trust me, i know how ridiculous this is going to sound.. but social media stressed me TF OUTTTTT. constantly a “do i look like im enjoying life??? do I look happy??” a week without posting on instagram may seem like no big deal to you, but 99% of people i know, fitspo or not, are soooooo addicted to this stupid app, whether they want to admit to it or not. “it’s our job, we have to post every single day!!1” no we really don’t. i put this app on the back burner and the constant itch to take a pic on pause and *shock* my social media “status” hasn’t changed, im still here, you’re still here, we’re all good lol. TLDR: happiness isn’t based off of what u see on social media. ive been my happiest and most free this past month, and this last week is where I heard the most rumors about my wellbeing and why I’m not posting lol. i just know a lot of people are going through the same feeling. rid ur life of toxins. PULL THE BANDAID. RELAX B. ASSESS THE SITUATION HO. LIVE LIFE. PUT YO CAMERA DOWN.

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See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me AND NO ONE KNOOOWWWSSS, HOW IT FAR IT GOOOOESSSSS.

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rose gold errythang pls and thank you #mondaymotivation #ezfit #ezfitguide

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