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Las fotos más lindas de Amber Heard en Instagram, quien está divorciada oficialmente de Johnny Depp

Amber Heard, actriz estadounidense. Foto: Instagram.com/ @amberheard__/

Amber Heard, actriz estadounidense. Foto: Instagram.com/ @amberheard__/

14 de Enero 2017

El proceso de separación comenzó en mayo pasado

Los actores Johnny Depp y Amber Heard están oficialmente divorciados luego de que un juez de Los Angeles declaró finalizado el proceso de separación.

El proceso de divorcio comenzó en mayo pasado, cuando Heard presentó una demanda de divorcio de Depp, con quien se había casado en febrero de 2015, por diferencias irreconciliables.

Aunque la modelo no tiene cuenta de Instagram, aquí te dejamos las mejores fotos que han compartido sus seguidores.

Some more information about the divorce. . 1) Everything will be absolutely 100% officially on tuesday – they need the signature of another lawyer, but this is a formality. . 2) #AmberHeard gets the section dogs Boo and his Pistol, his horse Arrow, a Range Rover and a Mustang. #JohnnyDepp gets all the real estate around the world and a collection of 47 cars. Simply put – she gets all that, and so it was, with the exception of Boo and a Range Rover (funny TMZ by the way, wrote the type of “Heard from Depp receives more than $7 million”, despite the fact that other animals, and Ford – her). . 3) the duty of Depp $10 million for the embezzlement of their life together in marriage is his duty, with the exception of payments relating to the Amber – them she will pay. Also, the tax deduction with the $200k that he already sent the funds, he will get back. . 4) He must pay her $1 million within three days after the decision enters into force. Further $1 million in February, May and August; $500k to November 1 and the remaining $2.3 million until February 1, 2018. . #actress #Mera #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #DCComics #FreeAmber #WeAreWithYouAmberHeard (https://vk.com/amberheard)

Una foto publicada por Amber Heard (@amberheard__) el

With great pleasure we announce great news! As we reported earlier today a few hours ago, #AmberHeard took the court for divorce and now it became known that the judge approved her request and divorce today without additional standard expectations. ??? Miss Amber Heard is officially a free woman! ??? Also, the judge rejected the petition #JohnnyDepp to pay its bills for legal services, but also has rejected the petition of Amber to pay them bills – each of them will pay their accounts to himself: he is a little over a million dollars, she is a little less than one hundred thousand dollars. Also, the judge’s refusal means that Amber had not violated their agreement not only on the level of banal common sense, but also in legal terms. And Depp is also obliged to pay her the promised $6.8 million, which Ms. Heard will be directed to charity. . #actress #Mera #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #DCComics #FreeAmber #WeAreWithYouAmberHeard (https://vk.com/amberheard)

Una foto publicada por Amber Heard (@amberheard__) el

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#AmberHeard ❤️ for “Elle” in 2015. #actress #Mera #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #DCComics #WeAreWithYouAmberHeard

Una foto publicada por Amber Heard (@amberheard__) el


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