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Bloguera fitness presume piernas sin depilar

Foto: Instagram @i_am_morgie

Foto: Instagram @i_am_morgie

18 de Abril 2017

Invita a sus seguidores a aceptar su cuerpo con defectos

Morgan Mikenas es una bloguera en el área fitness que desde el 2016 dejó de depilarse tanto las piernas como las axilas y, además, presume esto en su cuenta de Instagram.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”~Steve Maraboli ?✨ Not just woman, but everyone! Imagine if everyone just decided that today was the day they loved themselves and embraced every part of them selves. Accepting and loving your body and your “flaws” because you know they are what makes you who you are. If you are focused on being true to yourself in every moment, you are less concerned what others think, which will lead to peace of mind. When you have nothing to hide and you can freely be yourself, there is a profound peace/confidence you will emanate to the world that will inspire others. ✨???I also just posted a new YouTube video on why I don’t shave my body hair and how it helped me(link in bio)☺ #bodypositive #spreadlove #behappy #namaste #hairywomen #healing #healthylifestyle #selfcare #loveyourself #beyourself #bethechange #divine #inspireothers #inspirationalquotes #positivity #goodvibesonly #lifeisbeautiful #hairy #gratitude #weareone #higherconsciousness #freespirit #empowerment #smile #feelgood

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De esta manera, Mikenas invita a sus seguidores a aceptar su cuerpo con todo y sus defectos, al natural.

En su canal e YouTube publicó un video en el que explica las razones de su decisión, entre ellas que perdía mucho tiempo hasta que decidió mostrarse tal cual ya que después de que comenzaban a crecer nuevamente le picaban y molestaba mucho.


WARNING If body hair offends you, you will want to keep scrolling, no negativity please???? Current physique from 3 weeks of not lifting because of an injury. I’m definitely missing the pump and endorphins for sure, but I love where I am right now. Enjoy your journey. Don’t love yourself any less because you no longer have abs, or you are a few pounds heavier. And I’m fully aware that my body hair is clearly visible in this picture, and that’s the whole reason I posted it. I’ve have been getting beautiful emails from females who I inspired to stop removing their body hair and have helped send them on their journey of self love. For that reason I refuse to stop sharing my natural self. So if that is a problem, go ahead and unfollow me! For a majority of my life I have been chasing acceptance and love from others, and not focused what is actually important.. Loving MYSELF and feeling comfortable in my own skin and not needing anyone’s approval. Love myself for who I am, and not have to change something about myself to be accepted.. Appreciate yourself and the changes you go through. Don’t be so hard on yourself☺️?#fit #fitness #healthyliving #bodypositive #selflove #inspiration #bethechange #spreadlove #love #bodyhairdontcare #freespirit #support #positivevibes #goodvibesonly #tone #inspire #namaste #model #rest #feelgood #lifestyle #gains #befree #unity #respect #peace #natural #empowerment #fitnessmodel #bestself

Una publicación compartida de Morgan Mikenas (@i_am_morgie) el

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