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Famosa Instagrammer baja 50 kilos de peso


Documentó sus logros en Instagram

Bajar de peso parecía un reto imposible para esta Instagrammer, pero con constancia, disciplina, muchas ganas y el apoyo de sus seguidores Morgan Bartley logró bajar 50 kilos.

La joven de 20 originaria de California durante meses documentó con fotos el proceso de cómo se deshizo de esos kilos de más y de la increíble trasformación de su cuerpo.

So, I’ve been in a weird place with my weight loss journey recently and I thought it’d be good to chat about it a bit.. I first posted this #beforeandduring photo about a year ago when I was almost one year post op VSG, about 100lbs down and genuinely the most confident and happy I have ever been in my life. Now since then, I’ve lost a bit more weight and then gained some back. I’m probably 10lbs heavier now than I was in this photo. Not a huge amount, but I have not been moving in the direction I want to be and frankly- I’m sick of making excuses and cheating myself out of being successful and finishing what I started. I am SO ready to break this plateau and start really being intentional with my health, both physically and mentally. While I’m not where I was a year ago, I can still honestly say I am SO proud of what I’ve accomplished. The girl in that right photo is currently motivating me more than ever. Time to stop making excuses and selling myself short- I’m ready to reach the goals I set for myself when I started this journey. Nothing about it has been easy thus far, but I know how rewarding it is to follow through and see results. No more fear, no more excuses – Time to give myself the life I want. Ps thanks so much to @angielosing for posting this along with such kind words💗 you guys keep me so motivated every damn day xoxo #teamlosing

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En una entrevista a la revista People, Morgan dijo que desde niña ha padecido obesidad pero este problema se agravó luego de que le extirparan uno de sus ovarios, lo que la hizo subir 30 kilos, situación que la deprimió aún más y provocó que quisiera llenar ese vacío con comida.

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A sus 17 años, Bartley llegó a pesar 136 kilos y fue entonces cuando decidió ponerse en forma para tener una vida más saludable, para no quedarse en el intento, Morgan publicó cada uno de sus logros en Instagram y Youtube.

Consiguió a un entrenador, cambió su régimen alimenticio y logró bajar 11 kilos, en 2015 se sometió a una gastrectomía para reducir el tamaño de su estómago.

Un año después volvió a entrar al quirófano para eliminar el exceso de piel, y ahora trabaja para conseguir la certificación para ser entrenadora personal.

I’m not where I want to be, but I’ve accomplished what I set out to do at the beginning of this journey – I’ve stopped the cycle. I was eating myself to death. I knew what I was doing, but binge eating and anxiety have minds of their own. I was a prisoner in my own body. I felt paralyzed. I guess my point is that my goal wasn’t a dress size or number on the scale, I simply wanted to redirect where my life was heading and save my own life. I genuinely believe that I have done so, and because I’ve confronted the mental struggles holding me back FIRST, I know that I’ll continue to see physical results. I’ve learned to love this journey for what it is – part of my life. It will always be a part of me and I will always be growing and striving for a better me. Happy Monday team. Get to work💪🏼 #TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore #TeamLosing

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